Ultimate Guide: How TO Become a DJ

DJing is an art of mixing different music genres or popular compositions to craft a customized set of musical beats. The more you indulge in blending the music, the broader sense of arrangement and redesigning of musical compositions are developed. As there is no special certification or license required to become a DJ so this field has no age, gender, or qualification based boundaries.

It’s not just an art form but a complete subject of connecting beats to heart and mind to inspire, motivate, educate or boost human thinking perspectives. To become a champ of DJing industry, there are few skillsets you need to learn to be in the list of popular Las Vegas DJs.

Learn the Diversity between Different Varieties OF DJing

All DJs are not alike, and they don't have the same taste for the presentation of their musical numbers. There are four major categories of DJing. Club DJs or Nightclub DJs are mostly Resident DJs of Las Vegas, and their music numbers include high beats, dance feel, and they perform long transitions. Their motive is entertainment purely and indulgence of people on the dance floor.

The turntablists are experts of cutting and scratching techniques, so they are also called "controllerists." Their music numbers have finished bled of raw skill, imposing tricks of shuffling or repetition of beats, and clever transitions. They rarely have prepared numbers, and in most cases, they perform their tricks live. Their command over the turntabling techniques and music manipulation is superior to other varieties of DJs.

Radio DJs are host which are good at music blending, and they mix popular song numbers. They follow lyrical connections more than beat linkage. Their music generates a sense of communication, and their musical presentation is in podcast format.

Mobile DJs are mostly part-time or entrepreneur DJs, and they have command over generating theme based music. They perform in parties, weddings and social events and their musical setup is of portable type which can be shifted to place to place as per clients request. They may play different genres, trending transitions or create remixes. They are also good announcers, and they might play the role of show host and DJ at a time.

Learn to Use Equipment and Explore DJ Software

You need to have one these four setups firstly, and basic know-how to operate and control them.

  • DJ Controller Setup
  • CDJ Setup
  • Vinyl Setup
  • Timecode and HID Setups

These setups include complementary equipment which creates equilibrium between the sound waves, echoes and vibration system, and rhythm. Your expertise in handling these systems defines your skill set of crafting heart-touching music as the whole art of mixing music and live performance stands on it. 

Along with these systems you also need to have command over Djing software.  There are several popular software which offers various features and easy ways to cut, blend, attach, and repeat sounds or beats to create special effects. Try Rekordbox, Serato DJ Pro and Traktor Pro software to give a kick-start to your DJing.

Practice, Practice and Practice

To have a better sense of tempo, phase, twisting and beat manipulation it is essential to do practice. Take your DJ skills as a challenge and also try to copy others techniques to learn how they smartly worked out to generate a number.

Dancing and Fun Elements

As the core of DJing is entertainment, so, from your appearance to your music, performance skills to moves, everything should flatter stardom, joy, and energy. The dance of DJs and sexy looks add power to their work. They can appeal and convince a vast audience to pay attention to their music and their personality through their clothing style, dance, and sometimes with rapping or singing.

Some hottest Female DJs are also famous as fantastic singers, performers and fashion queens. They have marked their importance in media and shows through music as well as their powerful appearances. 

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