Ultimate Guide about Pool Parties in Las Vegas



Las Vegas is a dreamland for partying enthusiasts. Whether it is about daytime fun or nightlife, the city has tons of venues, planners, DJs, caterers, etc to set an incredible event without much hassle. The natives are warm-hearted people, and when visitors from around the world come to attend events or parties, they all blend together to deliver an unlimited dose of fun, liveliness, and enjoyment.

When it comes to pool parties, Las Vegas has Marquee Club, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, M Resort, Cromwell Rooftop, Aria Resort, W Las Vegas Rooftop, MGM Grand, The Mirage Bare Pool Lounge and many amazing spots where you can organize or attend fabulous parties in every season. The DJs are a charm of these parties which compel everybody shake their bodies over their grooving beats.

Here is an ultimate guide about Pool Parties in Las Vegas so in case you are planning to host one, keep below-mentioned points under consideration.



Pool Parties With a Theme


Junking up the things is nevermore a good idea as it restricts to create a rhythm and guests have no clue what will be going on in the party. A pre-planned theme will give you proper way for the decoration of venue, selection of food, assortment of activities or games, and everything in between. The excitement doubles up when a pool party DJ plays back to back music suiting the theme of party and taste of guests.

The Las Vegas DJs are popular for meshing up technical skills and typical beats in a way that whole pool becomes a watery dance floor in few minutes.


Goodie Bags

To keep the guests involved throughout, the best way is to play some games. The more childish and stupid the game is- the more fun people will have. Whether its musical chair, hitting the laps, spanking the people blindly or anything else, guests will play them to revive their childhood memories. For each game set a price and distribute goodie bags among winners.

You can also ask Las Vegas DJs to dedicate songs during the event and make people happy by giving small gifts for any silly reason like wearing a yellow bikini, jumping weirdly in the pool, etc.


Champagne Shower

A pool party in Las Vegas will be incomplete without varieties of liquor served in classical shot glasses with appealing decorations. But it’s not just enough as the guests are always looking for something more relishing and crazy. Hiring a few dance girls who can shower champagne over the guests can be great fun.

Female Las Vegas DJs are famous for providing never-ending fun during the champagne shower with their grooving bodies and perfect DJing. They can spice up the environment and indulge the crowd to be a part of exhilaration.


Socialize and Let People Socialize


The guests look forward to having the small introduction of party host and wish to mingle a little to generate an understanding. The best way is to give a short introduction over the mike and give two to three minutes to every guest.

Ask your DJ or announcer to pick random people especially those who are not mingling with people much and provide them a platform to showcase their talent. Also, play games which allow people to socialize with each other so that your guests can make new friends or enjoy bluntly with random people without hesitation.


Pool Party DJs

Though DJing is a versatile field and many professionals can cater to several varieties of parties, but a DJ can beat the random ones any day. Keeping in consideration the watery site of party, theme, and spark of season pool party DJs blend music to bring fire in the water. Their music is always perfect for the pool environment, and they know how to keep the excitement alive till the end of the party. Their extensive experience lets them deliver a mix of music in which there is something for everyone.


Las Vegas Parties are another name of ultimate fun and energy. They can take you back to your childhood as well as let you enjoy the adult side of your life at a time. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading the blog and will utilize the ideas as mentioned earlier to spice up your pool parties.