11 Top Female DJs of All Time


The grooving bodies and moving hips when blended with top skills of blending, scrabbling, singing and vinyl mixing with a touch of feminine styles, it is impossible to keep yourself away from dance floors. DJing industry is considered as a male dominant world, but females have successfully marked their significance in as DJs with some unforgettable and notable names.

Here are top 11 female DJs of all times which are queens of their industry and have the potential to grow more in future.



1.    DJ Shy

DJ Shy is popular for her ampling and scratching. Her turntablist techniques move the audience and convince them to dance over her beats within a minute. She is the very first female on-air music mixer to rank #1 at TOP 40 radio stations. Dj Shy is also known for her appearances in several non-profitable events and struggling for some charity organizations.


2.    DJ Sophia Lin

Her stardom journey started in Los Angeles and California, but now she is famous around every corner of the world.  Dj Sophia Lin owns an enigmatic personality which seems to be quite prominent in her songs. She has superlative skills of selecting the best music and blending it with crafted beats, add energetic appeal to events or nightclubs.  She is counted among top three hottest DJs of LA


3.    DJ Liz Clark

DJ Liz Clark has commanding expertise over rock, country, top 40 and electro house genres. She can bang and boom enormous variety of audience. She doubles the popularity of nightclubs and bars with her tremendous music blends. Dj Liz Clark connected her strings with music in her school life so now her experience of music industry reflects in her techniques of grasping the attention of the vast audience and entertaining them in a way they can never forget.


4.    DJ Bad Ash

Ashlee Williss Or DJ Bad Ash is an open format DJ who is a singer, songwriter, and a DJ. She is listed among top-ranked songwriters of America and is endorsed by Gibson Guitar. Dj Bad Ash showed her skills in many popular events like Sundance Film Fest, American Music Awards, Country Music Awards etc.  She is also flaring the colors of her talent in a Rock N Roll burlesque band named as Concrete Kiss


5.    DJ Val FLeury

DJ Val FLeury is among the hottest LA-based DJs who`s originals, remixes and blends are popular worldwide. She also worked for the Indian and Asian entertainment industry and is considered as a powerful performer of events and shows. Her music is multi-dimensional and always comes up with a spark of her graceful personality and charming looks. Dj Val Fleury is an expert in openly mixing up Tech-House, Deep-House, Indie Dance and Bass music together to create a unique set of beats and Djing techniques. She is also a producer and a co-host on popular radio shows like 2468 Radio and Dash Radio.



6.    DJ Tatiana

She traveled across the world to explore and spread her domains of inspiration. She started from heavy metal scene and Ska scene and flourished her skills for rave and massive rave scene as well. Her fashionista approach brings liveliness and striking energy in her performances. A pleasant touch of African, Egyptian and Japanese styles of music in her mixes adds uniqueness and brilliance to her music. She is popular among young generation for presenting emotions with a heap of motivation in her music.


7.    DJ Sandra Collins

You can connect her with almost every American dance music scene as DJ Sandra Collins has played a diverse range of music genres. Her music approach has a progressive and metropolis touch which is loved people who are fond of dancing and partying hard. She was nominated for “Best Electronic Artists” in the BAMMIE awards, San Francisco, and “Best Trance DJ” in Global DJ Awards of 1998. DJ Sandra Collins`s compilations of music beat several popular DJs of their times, and she managed to create a significant space in lists of Top Female DJs in the World.


8.    Heidi

Heidi has the potential to direct the moves of dance floors in any event or public appearances. Since 2008 till today she is doing her very own show ‘In New DJs We Trust’ on BBC Radio 1 and now she is also hosting ‘Radio 1's Residency’. She is popular for her stunning styles and unlimited twists in her music. She adds turntables in music in a unique manner which marks her individuality of skills and passion for music. She is London`s queen of DJs and her appearances in fashion events are considered novel and engaging.


9.    Gina Turner

She is a Dj, record producer and a composer of electro house, dance music and house music. Her popular record labels include Ministry of Sound and Sound Pellegrino. Her podcast radio shows have a dosage of energy and power in them that’s why she calls herself among one of the BOYS in Dj industry. Being associated with a male-dominated field, she could have adopted the running fashions of music line, but she preferred to mark her uniqueness by producing music collaborations which have a touch of radio intensity and live performance streaks. Gina Turner`s fans consider as an innocent chic of parties who turns everyone into wilds with her music.


10.    DJ Maya Jane Coles

She started form producing hip-hop music and explored the underground house, house music, and techno music. She is hot, and her transitions are hottest among female DJs of the town. She started her DJ life at the age of 15 when she was actually not allowed to enter the premises of nightclubs and parties. Her experience and youngness are quite visible in her music style. She adds life to events by making the audience fly from seats to rock the dance floor.


11.    DJ Rap

She owns her music label “Bpitch Control” and spun German and English blends. She is also a singer, and her voice has the ability to wave the hearts and minds of night party lovers. Her impressions of reunified Berlin genre in her music mixes are loved by people who are fond of listening multi-dimensional and multi-cultural music. Her style has the novelty of the 90s` mixed with the thrill of popular London music of current times.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the popular female DJ and will surely hire at least one female DJ for your next party.