Every now and then, everyone is called upon to arrange a party, or help out with the arrangements of an event.  Some of the aspects are easy, like the food and drinks. You simply call your favorite restaurant that serves food that seems appropriate for your audience and you ask them if they cater. If you need specific things for your event like tables and chairs, you can just call a rental company and they will supply whatever you need. If there are going to be kids there and they need a bounce house, it is just a phone call away. But there are other aspects of your party that are harder to arrange, like the DJ. The person who is spinning the music needs to understand what the tone of the event is going to be, and they have to not only stick to that tone but also keep the energy up when it needs to be. For this reason, a DJ is not a "one size fits all" kind of thing. The DJ that the younger people at your party might love, could be making the older people at the party totally uncomfortable. If it is a corporate event, the DJ could act in a way that doesn't fit in with the corporate culture of the business, and might turn your event into a negative experience for everyone. The DJ has a lot of responsibilities that are not as simple as just playing music, they need to not only understand what the crowd wants but they also have to provide it in a way that doesn't put other peopel at the party off. They need to keep the energy up without it going too far. This is a delicate balance that can be the make or break for a party.

Corporate events and parties that have a specific theme or a specific cultural aspect are especially tricky. The wrong DJ at a corporate event can be a disaster, and an Asian party will be pretty easily ruined if the DJ doesn't understand what the Asian guests enjoy as far as music and energy. This is why HerDJs is so well regarded, because we have developed a program that employs only the best of the best with regards to DJ talent. A DJ must not only be good at choosing the right kinds of music or keeping the energy at the right level, they also must understand how they fit into the mix so as to make the event enjoyable for everyone. HerDJs hires DJ talent from a wide variety of cultures and social situations, so that they can provide that x-factor that will make them fit into the tone of your party perfectly. HerDJs also is the only DJ company in Las Vegas that provides FEMALE DJs.

A female DJ is not only going to be able to bring a sex appeal that can't be matched, but the female DJ personality is different than males. Too many times people complain about the DJ being too aggressive and making certain members of the gathering uncomfortable. That wil never happen when you hire HERDJs because the female DJs we employ understand exactly what is expeted of them in every situation. If you want them to be sexy and upbeat, thats what you are going to get. If you want them to dress more conservatively and keep the music as background entertainment, thats what they will do. Our DJs understand that their role is not just to spin music, but it is to become part of the experience.

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